Save the land at Three Elms!

The Church Commissioners are planning to sell the land between Three Elms, King's Acre & Roman Road in Hereford, to build up to 1500 houses. That is a development the size of Kington obliterating grade 1 agricultural land, robbing the people of Hereford of a popular retreat and putting greater pressure on our already struggling services.

We are not against the natural growth of Hereford. We understand that some new housing is needed. There are many disused wastelands in this sector of Hereford that we would love to see built on and turned to a good use, but we don't want something we treasure destroyed. The developers JTP have swept in from far afield, not really knowing us, not understanding the area thinking that somehow they are doing us a favour by bulldozing the very thing that makes our home unique.


You have until 31st October to object to the Outline Planning Proposals that have been submitted.

If this is accepted then piecemeal sale of the land will begin and building work will commence and continue for the next 20 years. Whether the outcome will resemble the outline plan is open to debate. The only way to preserve what we have is to object now!

Impression of what the estate will be like.

 To get a sense of the scale note the size of the Co-Op, the pink roofed building on the right hand side.

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The outline plans have been submitted as 3 separate applications. The following are the 3 reference numbers for the applications. If you click on each of the numbers you will be taken to the webpage detailing the applications.

Part 1: ref 162920
Part 2: ref 162921
Part 3: ref 162922

How to make your objections online:

On each page you will see a green button marked 'Make a Comment On this Application'. 

You will then be asked to log in or register with the council's website. Once you do this you will be taken to a page which explains a little about the comments process and you will find a form to fill in and a box in which you can write what you think about the development.

Finally, click the green 'Submit planning comment' button. Your remarks should appear on the planning website after 24 hours.

The closing date for comments is 31st October, so make sure you have had your say by then!

There are additional things you can do too:

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